Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing to Create Competitive improvement in Performance

Providing an extensive range of fully managed test services

Inventive9 We combine latest methodologies, technical expertise and industry best practices, which is underscored by world-class tools to address the current testing challenges. We provide end-to-end test data management solution to reduce time-to-market and reduce development costs.

Performance Testing

Website and mobile app & game testing. Waterfall or Agile. Verification and validation across multiple platforms and industries. Using industry-standard tools and techniques, we help our clients to build fast, responsive and scalable products.

Test Automation

Services to help you create, improve or maintain your test automation to underpin continuous quality. Reduce time, cost and resource, and increase reliability by implementing an automated solution based on a flexible core framework.

Security Testing

We maximize efficiency through repeatable automated security testing of your web apps and infrastructure. OWASP standards delivered by our in-house certified testers. Clear and practical penetration testing. Detecting security flaws in your system & Protect your system.

Application Testing

We focus on design validation, functionality and performance using innovative tools, automation and standardized testing processes. Application testing target at executing all situations before it is ready for general customer availability to deliver a seamless experience.

Test Data Management

With the introduction and enforcement of GDPR it has never been more important to ensure your test data is anonymized. We have developed an approach to anonymize test data that can be integrated with your existing systems to solve these challenges.

Accessibility Testing

Expert test service Web Content Accessibility Guidelines derived from the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. We help businesses to test their applications across multiple devices and os platfroms. and use appropriate matrix to cover your business or consumer users.

Quality Assurance

Flexible Engagement Model

Inventive9 helps you provide an unforgettable first impression for your users. Fix your errors so you look polished and professional!

  • Fix Broken Links and Images
  • Highlight Errors Visually On Page
  • Readability Score
  • Never Miss a Spelling Error Again
  • Load Testing on Servers
  • Bug Tracking & GUI Based Errors

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