Best Instagram marketing strategies

What is Instagram marketing? Why has it become so popular these days?

Instagram has 500+ million daily active users globally and it’s increasing day by day. And now it’s beating Facebook and Twitter these days. 


So you can imagine there is a huge opportunity to target the audience for your business. Instagram marketing strategy helps you to promote and branding of your business. Instagram allows both ways to promote your business, paid as well as organic marketing strategies.

It has become so popular these days because of many reasons like easy user interface, cool features like IGTV, Reels, Post, Story, etc, Allow us to connect with many people worldwide.

Do you use Instagram marketing for your business?

If your answer is “no” then you are missing out on so many opportunities for marketing your business and it’s high time to grab these missing opportunities, as Instagram is so popular among people these days we can consider Instagram as one of the best marketing strategies platforms.

Do you want to Start Instagram Marketing for your business? Let’s Get Started.

How to boost your business using Instagram marketing strategies?

One of the best ways to boost your business is by focusing on a target audience. Before anything, set your goals for your business. Try to analyze your most successful posts and do the same in the future. Create your customized profile (product-centric).

You can reply to the comments of your followers to make them feel connected to you and help to build a relationship between your business and your followers. There are several Instagram marketing strategies mentioned below :

Moving to business Account

Instagram Business Account

There are 25+ million active Business accounts. Before starting your Instagram marketing for your business, you should move from a personal account to a business account. The personal account does not provide some features which are available in a business account such as Instagram Insights, Instagram ads, etc.

After creating a business account you must add a bio. You can link your business website or youtube channels in the bio. Here you can put the highlight of your product and services.

Target your Audience for Instagram marketing

Another Instagram marketing strategy is to target your audience based on your product. You should target those people from the audience who need your product.

According to one survey, most Instagram users are between the age group of 18 to 39 which is approximately 75%, so if your product or service is made for this age group you must apply this Instagram marketing strategy.

One can do marketing by posting pictures of their product creatively. you can notify followers about your new product and services by posting stories in your business account. you can let them know about your product or services by providing a short description at the time of posting pictures of your product.

Instagram sponsored ads 

Promoting business through advertisement is one of the old methods, but Instagram has added a new twist to it. Instagram provides several ways to display sponsored ads like : 

  1. Photo
  2. Video
  3. Carousel/Dynamic Ads
  4. Stories
  5. Stories Canvas

While using the above form of sponsored ads take some points into the note. Use professional pictures, videos.

By using Carousel/Dynamic Ads one can sponsor more than one ads at a time you can offer discounts to the users in sponsored ads which will attract customers to buy products from your business in this manner sponsored ads to help the business.

Use shoppable post (“view shop”)

You can increase your sales by using shoppable posts for your business. It would be a great Instagram marketing strategy to display the “view shop” section. It helps the user to link directly to the product on the business website and show the details of the product. 

In addition to this, it also shows other products to users in the “view shop” section which creates a great opportunity for sales by displaying other related products that the user is looking for.

Promote your product through influencers

Influencer marketing is in trend nowadays, now the question is how influencers help us in marketing our business on Instagram, so let us first understand what is Influencer marketing.


The term refers to a way to reach out to a new audience it is a trusted resource with a significantly engaged following on social media and people are influenced by them because of their genuine opinions and information on various topics.

Instagram marketing highly supports promoting the product through influencers. People highly follow these influencers so it is easy for them to convince people to use or buy your product and services in this manner.

It helps your business to gain new and more customers, but remember that you can’t simply select a random influencer for your product first you must find the best-fit influencer for your product which helps it look authentic and genuine from a consumer’s perspective.

Fix out your hashtag strategy

Hashtags are a huge part of the Instagram marketing strategy, now you would think why? because the answer is the hashtag is searchable on Instagram. people can find your hashtags while they are searching even if they don’t follow you.

While working with hashtags do remember some points like there are several hashtags that your company can apply to make your content searchable, don’t stuff your post with too many hashtags. According to a survey it is recommended to use up to 11 hashtags per post. 

Wait for the right timing to Post 

For any successful business, the right timing is the most important thing. If your business is worldwide then you must take care of the timing of posting your post, stories, etc.

You first analyze the time where most people are active on Instagram and then publish your post and stories at that time, because it does not make sense to publish your post when there are fewer active users. According to one analysis, the most suitable time for posting a post is 9 am to 5 pm and one or two posts per day.

Quality of picture you add in post, videos 

Instagram is all about visuals like images, videos, reels, etc. so It is important to maintain the quality of these things. If your business product images are of low quality and unprofessional no one likes to visit your account and purchase something and this will create a negative impact on your business.

By improving the quality of images, videos, etc you can attract customers to buy your product through a shoppable post on Instagram and expand your business using this Instagram strategy.

Take advantage of IGTV, Reels for marketing purpose


IGTV and Reels are part of Instagram marketing strategy, you can promote your product through IGTV and Reels. It helps you tell your story and easily demonstrate the product to the user. 

Before getting started you have to think about how you are going to present your idea and implement it to convince the viewer that this product is made for them and encourage them to buy your product.

The consistent schedule for story, post

The next strategy towards Instagram marketing is being consistent in publishing a post, stories. By doing consistent posts and stories, you can notify your followers about your new launch product, introduce them to new features of the product, etc.

Being consistent shows the follower that you are active in your business account. constantly working on updating and introducing new things to the followers.

Use a poll feature to know audience opinion

Every business needs to make decisions so in that case, it is good to have an idea about the customer’s opinion. The poll feature of Instagram helps you to get some sort of idea about their opinion.

Here you can ask any questions regarding your product or business to the followers and get an answer in the form of a poll which helps you make a future decision regarding your business.

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