Advertising is like a bridge between your business and your customer. When we thinking about advertising, The most common comparison in front of us is the Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, Right?

By implementing a Good Advertising strategy one can promote their business in the market.

Advertising helps the customers to stay updated with the existing products and services and also helps to advertise new products in the market. There are several ways to advertise your business, but for online advertising, there are two big platforms that hold the most of the share : “Google Ads and Facebook Ads”.

Today we will see some key differences between  Google Ads and Facebook Ads and later we will discuss which one is better suitable for your business.

key differences between  Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Google Ads works by targeting the audience based on the query they have typed in the search box, depending upon the keyword they have searched google display the Ads to them. There are other factors like geo-location, context, etc that are used to display Google Ads to the audience.

Facebook Ads works by targeting the audience based on age, gender, interest, etc.

With Google, one can advertise their products in many places like

  1. Google Search
  2. Youtube ads
  3. Google Display Network
  4. Google Shopping
  5. Google Maps
  6. Google Play

While with Facebook, one can advertise their products in many places like

Facebbok instagram Ads
  1. Facebook News Feed
  2. Instagram Feed
  3. Facebook Marketplace
  4. Facebook Video Feeds
  5. Facebook Right Column
  6. Audience Network
  7. Facebook Messenger

Google has 3.5 billion searches per day which show that by advertising our product using Google Ads we can reach out to a huge audience.

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Facebook has 1.78 Billion active users per day. It targets the audience in a more specific way which also helps to reach a large number of people.

Google Ads has a higher CTR as compared to Facebook Ads,  Google Ads also has CPCs higher than Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads may have CTR and CPCs low as compared to Google Ads but Facebook has a high conversion rate of 9-10% while Goggle has 3.80%.

When it comes to buyer’s intent google Ads wins over Facebook Ads. Just imagine when one is thinking of buying some product or services they directly search it in google and based on their search google shows them Google Ads.

Facebook is the platform where people mostly go to relax and socialize, not for shopping the product and services in this manner Google Ads wins over Facebook Ads.

If talking about Visuals Google Ads are not that dominant as Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads visual and seamless ads are integrated into the platform compared to Google’s text ads. Facebook Ads smoothly fit into the user’s Newsfeed with the help of images, videos, and other content a user scrolls through daily.

The marketing goal of Google Ads works for converting researchers with high buying intent.

The marketing goal of Facebook Ads works for Building Awareness and generating Buzz.

Talking about Ads Formats Google likely to be less effective as compared to Facebook. If you are using Google Ads you have a small block of text to catch possible customers’ eyes on the SERPs.

Facebook is a much better platform for building brand awareness and customer loyalty. Facebook Ads can add more visual impact to your message by using image-based ads.

Which Platform Should You Choose Google Ads vs Facebook Ads ?

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Which Platform is best suitable for your business? – Google Ads or Facebook Ads? to get the answer, ask some questions to yourself.

First, you should ask yourself what is the goal of your business. If you want instant results or making sales quickly then you should go for Google Ads at that time it is considered a better option.

If You want to Introduce new products and services in the market then Facebook Ads are a more preferable and better option at that time.

The next thing is industrial consideration whether it is B2B, B2C, or any other. It is noticed that Facebook Ads are more likely to work well with the B2C Industry. Google Ads works well with both B2B and B2C industries. however, in the B2B industry, there are opportunities for Facebook Ads, particularly for remarketing and lookalike audiences.

If the audience’s search intent is for a long-term existing product and services available in the market then Google Ads will be the Better choice. But if you are trying to build an audience for new products and services then at that time Facebook Ads is the perfect fit for you.

The next thing is your advertising budget, considering this point Facebook Ads are cheaper to set up for your business as compared to Google Ads. Google Ads are 1-2 times more expensive than Facebook Ads.

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have questions or queries related to Google Ads vs Facebook Ads then feel free to ask in the comment section below, happy to help you.

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