Before getting in deep. Let’s understand what lead generation ideas are?
It is captivating your potential clients into contact with the aim of converting them into paying clients.

Nowadays all businesses are going online. People are moving online to promote their products and services through digital marketing so it is important to lead generation in digital marketing.

Lead generation ideas

Not only in digital marketing lead generation is important in every field.

Lead generation is about building the faith of clients toward our goods and services. Many people make the mistake of considering everyone as a lead for their business.

We have to understand that everyone is not a lead for our business. We have to target those people who are looking for products and services we are offering.

Lead generation ideas for local business

1) SEO – A step toward lead generation

SEO is concentrated on improving your web traffic. Lead generation is concentrated on raising the number of customers/potential clients for your business.

However, Search Engine Optimization can complement lead generation efforts by encouraging knowledge for your company via organic traffic to the website.

Lead generation ideas

One should regularly publish fresh content so that search engines maintain the position on the search page and customers see it as a continued position, which compels them to reach you. Check out our article on How to find a good SEO Expert

2) Blogging

Blogging is not a breeze. Your company website should have a blog section that posts articles regularly. If leads find these articles useful, they will visit your website frequently.


If you write on topics centered around your product or service, then your readers will be considered as good leads, as they have an interest in your blog, which is related to your product or service.

You can effectively navigate visitors of your blog to other product landing pages by inserting links into your blog posts.

3) Provide free trial

One should provide a free trial to the new lead so that they can experience your product and services. By giving a free trial we can build trust toward our product in our leads(customer’s) mind.

4) Pay-per-click lead generation

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) leads are of higher position because the quality client is often searching for a particular solution.


Besides, PPC is completely accountable and typically less expensive than traditional print advertising. That’s an engaging combination.

5) Lead generation ideas using Networking

In today’s life communication take place on social media widely because it is fast, free, and available 24/7. and using these social media platforms you can connect through millions and millions of people and promote your services at any place and any time.

Lead generation using Facebook & Twitter

Facebook & Twitter are great resources to lead generation. you can create a business page where you can focus on a particular direction and target leads in a better manner.

You just have to keep some points in your mind like a consistent post that easily connects your audience to your business.

You can create your community(group), you can add a link to valuable resources, and at last, try to create great content.

Lead generation using Instagram & Pinterest

Lead generation is a procedure of creating attractive content for the audience and in this field, Instagram and Pinterest are doing great work.

This platform allows you to create a business account where people can easily reach out to your business.

Try to create an engaging hashtag(#), create an image that thoroughly describes your product, you can use Instagram and Pinterest lead generation Ads. There are other features like “swipe up” stories on Instagram, adding links in bio, etc.

Lead generation using & Tumbler is a place to read articles on the Internet.

Medium is a blogging platform that provides a detailed blogging facility where you can write an article that explains features of your product and services and how it’s useful to the customer.

Using Tumblr you can create a blog post page. Don’t forget to add a link to your Tumblr page. your client can click it and get taken immediately back to the resource. After that try to interact with as many people as you can to increase traffic.

Lead generation using LinkedIn

If your business provides a solution to the customer needs, LinkedIn is the most desirable platform for attracting their attention.

It’s not enough to get the connection. You also have to invest time in building your business page. Use a professional-looking headshot for your portrait and distinct content for your business page.

Using LinkedIn you can promote your product and services by adding a post, images, videos, etc.

Try to join Linkedin groups where customers get together here you have the opportunity to increase your web traffic. Answer the queries in the area you are expertise in.

6) Email marketing

Email marketing refers to sending commercial email to the customer who is interested in your product and services. While thinking about email marketing the first question that arises to our mind is to whom we should send the email.


The answer is to create a signup page for your website where a new customer will signup if they find something interesting and using this signup list you can send emails to those customers.

The next thing you should take into note is to create an attractive email. select the right email marketing software. create a well-structured email with images and well-partitioned sections. Send a welcome message to the new subscriber.

7) Content marketing

Content marketing is highly popular now theses days as lead generation ideas.
Content marketing refers to the sharing of informative content that is applicable, interesting, and useful to your customers. there are several ways to do content marketing Written word, Audio, Video, Images.

8) Video marketing

As we all know we can remember visual representation faster as compared to written things. With the help of video marketing, one can easily explain their complex services to the customers.


By showing a video to customers how your product is used and the product is beneficial to them we can gain a higher number of leads.

While doing video marketing one should take care that the video must not be too long or too short it must be on point. one should use high-quality HD videos, you should select the right platform to publish your video.

9) Landing pages

The landing page plays a very important role in lead generation & it is one of the best from Lead generation ideas.

For doing well in that. Follow some important points. the landing page headlines must explain your offers to the visitor clearly. 

The landing page form must not contain too many input fields. you should focus on What are the important pieces of information you need in order to give away your offer?.

10) Host an Event

Before hosting an event you should prepare an on-point topic on which you are going to focus throughout the event. then try to convince your target audience to buy your product and services.

If the host(presenter) is without preparation and addressing to the audience it’s like going for a war without a weapon. the host must try to deliver valuable and relevant content to the attendees. 

11) Offer a Coupon or Discount

The best way to attract an audience is exciting offers. show them popups with exciting discounts. use some words like “free”, “some percent(%) discount”.


Provide your customer free shipping on their purchase of products or services. Another way is to give gifts on the purchase of a product.

The huge gap between visitors and leads.

Many times people misinterpret between a site visitor and simple words, site visitors and lead are different entities. First of all, let’s understand the simple definition of both the terms.

A visitor is someone who simply browsing for their things and landed on your website without any strong intentions of buying your product.

As soon as a visitor starts interacting with you or replies to a visitor’s auto message, they become a lead. therefore a high number of visitors/traffic does not mean a high number of leads.

Innovative lead generation ideas

Lead Generation Demands Precise Planning

Without precise planning, it’s like putting something into a situation in which there is a risk of loss and no one wants it. Proper planning helps you to reach your goals.

Who is your target?


After precise planning the next step is to identify your target audience. you just can’t simply target everyone, first you have to know your audience and according to that, you have to find a way to reach them.

Selling and Retailing should work Concurrently

If retailing comes up with the best performance by generating a high number of leads but the selling team can’t match the retailing team or vice versa it creates a problem, to avoid such a situation set the goals, define the objective, and then move forward.

Evaluate the situation over a certain period

After a certain point of time, you should evaluate what comes to your favor, what went wrong and what are things you need to improve to maintain and increase your lead.

Be effortless

The point is to be simple and effortless, it is one of the keys to lead generation. Doing so many things sometimes mashup the situation.

Don’t market instead educate them

Every time you don’t try to sell your prospects instead try to explain or educate them about your product and services it creates a great impact on customer’s mind and helps you to rise leads.

Be customer-oriented

Always think about the customer, try to put yourself in the place of the customer, and then evaluate the situation to make better decisions toward lead generation. 

Don’t forget the basics

While doing so many things to increase lead generation, don’t forget the basics fundamentals. Many times it happens for achieving a big picture. We miss out on small things that may be more helpful to us. 

Holding to the same practices

It’s not always compulsory that you try to increase lead generation and you succeed every time. It is sometimes frustrating but you have to keep practicing on your ideas to gain a high number of leads.

Advantage of lead generation

  • The lead increase means the number of paying customers increases which increases the profit ratio of our business.
  • By selecting the right strategy we can that will help to cost-effective and produce a better result.
  • By making your brand popular in the market people get to know about your product, and as people know about your product it increases the sales of your goods and services.
  • The wide use of social media (like Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc) can lead to an increased market presence among customers. 
  • By generating leads you are giving yourself the best opportunity in which you can obtain high revenue. Increasing your revenue is one of the good ways in which to make your business long-lasting

Disadvantages of lead generation

  • If the company has less stock as compared to the number of generated leads may cause a negative image on your customer’s mind.
  • Leads have still been estimated as a risk, as they can back out of deals.
  • Lead generation is a very long time-consuming process.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have questions or queries related to Lead generation ideas then feel free to ask in the comment section below, happy to help you.

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