When we have thought of SEO service for a website, the first question that comes to mind is how to find a good SEO expert who can help me to do proper on-page and off-page SEO in a proper way.

How to find a good SEO Expert or company?

Ask the following questions to your SEO expert or service provider before hiring them.

How to find a good SEO Expert

1 – Can you rank my website on the first rank of the first page of Google for the keyword I give?

Ans : If they say YES, Without even asking your website URL and keyword name and give you also timeline with confidence, in 20 days your site will be on the first page.

Then STOP here it’s RED SIGNAL.

You can drop conversation from here no need to discuss further and waste time, Google changes algorithms every year for their search parameters.

SEO and valuation take much time to get into impact. It will not overnight progress. So if anyone provides you that guarantee then ignore it.

2 – Can you rank my website without access to my site?

 Ans : If they say YES, Then you can’t trust them. Because they are going to use black hat techniques and build 1000’s of backlinks and use bots to rank your website.

Which can be harmful to your website & maybe you will also receive a google penalty for that. So it’s not good for your website business and brand image. 

3 –  Can you guarantee traffic from keywords in the first months after starting with the SEO?

Ans : If your SEO expert says he can send 1000 visitors per week after just starting an SEO plan from the first week, then Stay away from it, he or they is going to use bots for generating fake traffic to your website.

SEO is not an ad campaign, it is a long time process to build value for your brand with quality content, links & optimization.

Some quality tips for how to find a good SEO expert.

Ask your SEO expert to provide weekly or monthly SEO reports.

A good SEO expert will always give you the best-organized work reports for work they are doing for SEO.

How to find a good SEO Expert

Ask them to the links they provide from which DA (domain authority)?

DA (domain authority) is one type of parameter for the website domain, it describes the quality links and traffic that domain has and also the trust flow.

Which backlinks have low DA like below 10 or 5 those may count as spammy links for your websites if you build 1000’s of those backlinks still those are not good enough to rank your website even in the 10 pages of the search results? So always ask for quality links with High DA.

Always prefer quality over quantity.

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Ask them to check for page speed of the website & are they providing page speed optimization service?

Website page speed is going to be an important factor now, if your site is slower than the rest then you automatically get behind in the rankings as per google new algorithm.

And it’s true if your website is loading too slow then no busty is going to wait for it, users will close the browser window and open the next link from the search result if your site is too slow.

Image optimization is also required for all images of your website, sometimes heavy images make web pages slower than the other things.

Ask them how they manage the Bounce rate of the website?

Bounce Rate is the parameters, Which defines how long users stay on your website after the landing from search engines, social media, or via ads or organic keywords.

If users leave the website in 10 or less than 10 seconds then your bounce rate is going to be too high, and Google is going to think that people are not liking your page or the content of the website.  

There is only one way to manage a good lower bounce rate. That is high-quality content. Another thing that counts is the target audience.

Because as you can understand, if you land a user on the health website, who is searching for free music. Then he will not go stray for even a few seconds because he knows the site is not for music. 

The content is also the main part of the above example if the site is for music.

But still, if the user is not able to find the free music download and instead articles on music and theory-based content, Then also the user will go to bounce from the site. 

How to find a good SEO Expert who can help you to find proper profitable Keywords for your business website?

How to find a good SEO Expert

Mostly all SEO experts and companies providing the keyword research service in the SEO.

They provide you a list of many keywords that have high traffic & value.

But Just a good amount of traffic is good for your business?

No, You need quality traffic related to your business niche or you can say lead for your business.

The people who are interested in your services or products you are selling, then only that traffic is going to be beneficial for your business. 

After the traffic, the part that comes in the role is KeyWord Competition.

If your domain new and you just start the business you will not be able to rank the directory for some high competition keywords.

High Competition Keywords are those keywords, which have a good amount of traffic but too many older and bigger organizations are already trying for those keywords.

Some of the Bigger brands have very good content for those keywords and they are already ranked for that. Then it will not be easy for you to rank for those high competition keywords.

So you need those keywords which have a Medium or Low competition level and a good amount of traffic too.

Explore your keywords to your target audience and area wise it’s a better choice. 

See the below example:

E.g :

cleaning services  (High Competition keyword)

cleaning services in USA  (High Competition keyword)  – But in this, you are targeting a specific country 

cleaning services in California  (Medium Competition keyword) –  Here you filter more target audience 

cleaning services in San Diego  OR

cleaning services in San Diego California (Lower Competition keyword) 

– if your service is based in San Diego city then these two variants are the best keywords choice for your business. 

And another benefit of low competition keywords is, lower competition keyword + quality content will give you higher ranking growth in a possibly a short time.

Ask them, Does my site need Content Optimisation?

good SEO expert - Content Optimisation

How to find a good SEO Expert who can help you to write proper and unique content for your business website?

As per today’s trend, Content is the King. You may have heard that in many places. Without proper good return content, your site is not going to rank. 

You need proper content which is able to justify your keyword and also related to your business niche.

Your content also needs to be unique, you can’t just copy-paste from three different sites and make one new article and paste it to your site. 

Google and other search engines now use plagiarism checkers to check the content is original or copied from somewhere.

If your content is not unique then it will be far down the search rankings in a short time, no matter how many links you build or do marketing and promotions.  

Good quality content is also going to help you to generate leads and reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Learn more about how to find a good SEO expert

A good Seo Expert tells you the truth every time, he never tells you that, I will make your site on the first page of google in 20 days.

Good Seo Expert always suggests you do first on-page SEO and content optimization first after he suggests you for that off-page SEO work. 

Best Seo Expert also can help you to build your social image with the SEO, without proper social profiles you will not get the trust flow for your domain and services.

A perfect Seo Expert never tells you to build 1000’s links without any target and strategy. 

Seo Expert always helps you to optimize your content, titles, metatags & social tags.

Good Seo Expert always provides you a report of backlinks with their domain authority. 

Seo Expert also tells you the things, Which are not working well and not going to help in the current SEO strategy.

Best Seo Expert has always a perfect strategy for your business.

They always know how to grow your content and how it will be beneficial for your products or services you are selling.

A good SEO expert can help your business to grow.

One good SEO expert builds brand value for your business and generates quality leads from profitable keywords.

Check out the below video on how a good SEO expert can help you to increase your sales.

Thanks for reading the entire article, if you have questions or queries related to how to find a good SEO expert for your business website then feel free to ask in the comment section below, happy to help you.

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