How to backup wordpress site ?

Let’s take a look How to backup wordpress site using Cpanel, UpDraft & Hosting providers like GoDaddy, Hostgator, or Bluehost.

WordPress backup using Cpanel and hosting services like GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator & others.

All Linux based hosting sites like GoDaddy, Hostgator, or Bluehost have Cpanel setup for configuring Websites and database management. 

Step 1 :-  First of all login into the Cpanel account of your website. 

Step 2 :- After as you can see below the screen will appear, there you will be found the Backup Wizard Icon in the Files section click on it.  

How to backup wordpress site

Step 3 :-  Now as you can see the given image below, We have opened the Backup Wizard screen, Here are two options Backup & Restore. Click on the Backup Button.

How to backup wordpress site

Step 4 :-  Now check out the image below, You have two options. You can select Full Backup Or can select any partial backups like Only Files backup, Email Backups, Or Website Database Backup. Click on Full Backup Button.

How to backup wordpress site

Step 5 :-  Now your entire site backup is ready, check out the given image below. You can click on Generate Backup Button and your backup is ready to download. You can download it to your local pc or mac directory or you can store it on your online web directory Cpanel files section.  That’s it all Done.

How to backup wordpress site

Now another way of a backup wordpress site is using UpDraft Plugin, Let's check-in details.

When you don’t have Cpanel access or FTP access to the site, That we can use this method. Or You can say you can use this process if you want to take a backup from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Yes, you need the WordPress website Admin access to use this method. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1:- Login into your WordPress dashboard and then click on the plugins links so the screen will appear as given below image then click on the Add New Button for adding the new plugin to WordPress.

How to backup wordpress site-Updraft

Step 2:- Now after a click on the Add New button, the below screen will appear.

On the right side, you can found the search box type there “updraft” and enter so the search result will appear.

Then click on the left side of the updraft box first click on the install button then once it’s done.

The Active button will appear automatically. Click on the Active button to activate the plugin.

How to backup wordpress site-Updraft

Step 3:- After activating the plugin, click on the “Settings” link on the left side as shown image below and then click on “UpDraftPlus Backups” then the given below image screen will appear. Now just click on the “Backup Now” Button.

How to backup wordpress site-Updraft

Step 4:- After Click on the “Backup Now” button one pop up screen will appear as shown below, the pop up shows three options, the first one, if you want to also take a backup of the database, and the second one, is if you want to take files backup only.

For Full Backup, both options must need to be selected. Now the third option is that the created backup will not override or auto-deleted from the webserver.

So if you want to keep this back for a long time then you need to select that option too. Now click on the Backup Now Button.

How to backup wordpress site-Updraft

Step 5:- Once you clicked on the Backup Now Button then one process bar starts it will take 2 to 15 minutes depending on the website backup size.

After that process bar completed below screen appears. You can check your backup created successfully. You can download databases, Plugins, Themes, Uploads, and other folders separately.

Also, you can see on the right side have a “Restore” Button you can restore the entire backup of the website with one click.

This all backup the default store in your web directory. That’s All Done.

If you want to backup WordPress site is using UpDraft Plugin on third-party storages like Google Drive or DropBox and many more then checkout below Screen below.

Extra:- Now as you can see in the image there is a “Settings” Navigation tab on the updraft backup page. Click on it so the below image screen will appear.

Now as you can see the first one for an automatic backup setting, You can set a number of backups and time intervals on a Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly basis for both database and file systems.

The next one is you can see third party storage providers like DropBox, Google Drive you can select any of them and configure it, and your backup will upload there. That’s IT All Done. 

Here is the link to various plugins available for WordPress Backup. You can try others once too if those once match with your custom backup requirements too.

How to backup wordpress site-Updraft

Now Let's take a look on How to backup WordPress site with FTP or SFTP

For taking backup via FTP and SFTP you first need one FTP client for your pc or mac.
For Windows : FileZilla, WinSCP, Smart FTP, Fire FTP, Cyberduck
For Mac : Cyberduck, FileZilla

We are using here FileZilla as an example.

Step 1:- As you can see on the screen below you need to enter the hostname, user name, Password, and port number in the FTP Client and then click on the quick connect button.

How to backup wordpress site FTP | SFTP

Step 2:- Now after connect successfully, as you can see the entire web directory is opened, if you have multiples sites in one hosting then you need to locate your website directory which one you want to take backup.

Then you can select all files via mouse or can press Ctrl + A in windows and Cmd + A in Mac os for selecting all the files after selection, you can right-click on your mouse and click on the Download button as shown in below screen and your entire WordPress site files are going to download in your local storage of the computer.

How to backup wordpress site FTP | SFTP

Now the thing is when you take backup via FTP or SFTP you can only take a backup of website files, not the database. Because the database is saved on database servers like MySQL or MS-SQL. So you need to take the database back from phpMyAdmin. Check out the below section for details.

How to backup WordPress Database with phpMyAdmin?

For accessing phpMyadmin, you must log in to your Cpanel account. Once you login you can find out the Database section on the page, see the image below. In the database section, you can find out phpMyAdmin Link as shown in the image below click on it.


Now phpMyAdmin is opened, Now as you can see in the below attached image, you have a list of databases in front of you on the left column of the screen.

Step 1:- Click on the Database Name
Step 2:- Then Click on the Export button
Step 3:- Then select Export method – Quick – display only (as shown in the image below)
Step 4:- Now Final step, Click on the Go button.

That’s it, Your database already started for download.

Why your WordPress website needs backup & Why you must know How to backup WordPress site?

Server Crash:

Maybe possible sometimes your hosting server is crashes and unable to provide you a backup of your business website, then your all-important business data will go to destroy.

You also need to pay the cost for the redevelopment of the website and other maintenance costs.

WordPress Update Error:

Might be possible during a WordPress update, it can generate an error or maybe it can conflict with another plugin, and your entire site stop working at that time your WordPress backup can help you to restore the entire WordPress site.

Before implementing any new functionality on the website:

If you are planning to implement any new functionality on the WordPress website, and your development starts working on it, possibly they somehow do the code that will stop some other function of the site that time you can reverse your old WordPress back up and make your site running again.

Why I need to take Manual Backup of WordPress & my hosting company is also provided backups Aren’t those perfect solutions?

If your hosting provider gives you premium backup services for WordPress and if they provide backup for the entire WordPress setup with the database, Then you can rely on them. But it may cost some extra bucks with your hosting plan.

Other hosting providers that are providing free general backups are not generally designed as per WordPress standards.

SO it might not go to help you when you need an entire backup of your WordPress setup for the restoration of your website.

Also, they have taken backup on some server maintenance work, and when they have set a specific time of interval for backups.

They do not use a daily schedule or weekly scheduled for backups. So when you need it might be possible at that time, They don’t have a backup or maybe they have the older version of backup which is not going to be useful for you.

Thanks for the reading, I hope you all like the article How to backup WordPress site using 2 different methods, Feel free to ask if you guys have any question regarding this topic. Happy to help.

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