How to write SEO friendly content

Why we must need to write SEO friendly content?

How to write SEO friendly content is the question that comes to mind in the first place when we are starting with SEO. Every visitor who visits your site has a purpose to find something they are looking for, without any purpose they may be just a visitor there is less chance to become a customer.

So by providing valuable content and good products and services to them there is a high chance to convert a visitor to a customer for your business.


Effect of SEO friendly content writing

You can create a great impact with the words on the visitor’s mind by convincing them how your product is beneficial to them and helpful in their life.

Content writing helps you to present your company( industry ) in the market to the people that know what kind of work you provide to your customers.

Google mainly focus on the content

All of the search engines(Google) focus on the content first before going through any other ranking factors of SERP(Search engine Result Page). If you have put all your effort into every aspect of SEO except content writing then there is less hope for doing good in ranking in SERP.

Another important thing is just writing good content is not a way to ranking high in search engine but the content must be SEO friendly content

Now you may be thinking what is SEO-friendly Content? SEO-friendly content refers to the content which satisfies the reader for their query, keeps them engaged while they are reading the content, uses the proper structure to present whole content, and provides meaningful and on-point content to the customer.

Do you want to write seo friendly content ?

Yes, then let’s start with it.

Focus on the article topic

To write SEO-Friendly content, it’s always recommended to concentrate on one article topic rather than concentrating on several topics. try to be focused on the article topic which helps you to write in deep content for the customer.


It helps the reader to better grasp the main point of the article being presented and makes the website content much more appropriate to what people are searching for.

Try to incorporate primary keywords(main topic-related keywords), use a rich set of keywords that helps you to make your content valuable and relevant, and interesting.

One can use secondary keywords(less important keywords) also but too much use of these keywords is not recommended.

Proper use of headings / SEO Friendly Titles

Many people use different headings(title) without proper knowledge, some people use heading(title) just because it looks good.

But it is not the case that writing SEO-friendly content includes proper use of heading(title), heading helps the reader to let them know what a particular section is about.


If you want people to find their way through your articles, use subheadings to lead them, help them examine your page, and interpret the structure of your articles.

The crawler (A crawler is a program used by search engines to collect data from the internet.)When crawling through your site, they’ll acknowledge your headlines and use them to better understand your content, like which parts are the most important ones and so on.

Use Suitable images & SEO friendly visuals

To write SEO-friendly content, it is recommended to use an image, use a suitable image, and image optimization is necessary. use of an image in your content makes it appealing and attractive to the reader.


It is fact that visual things are easy to understand and easy to remember which help you to make an impact on the reader’s mind. To do good in image SEO keep in mind some important points, use the right(suitable) image which complements your content OR which is related to your topic.

While using an image take care sometimes the image does not load in the site and it displays a broken image.

At that time the reader does not get what image is there in place of a broken image so you can use the “alt” attribute to provide a short description of what the image is about in case the image does not load.

In the description of the “alt” attribute try to use relevant keywords, also don’t give a random name to images in your content try to give a relatable name to the image.

Divide in short paragraphs

No one likes to read a big chunk of paragraphs in content, most of the time when a reader views an article with big walls of paragraphs the reader may leave the site even without reading the introduction of your content.

To write SEO-friendly content, it is recommended to always put a small paragraph in content.


Your paragraphs should start with a core sentence that summarizes the content of the paragraph. it is recommended to maintain a 3-4 sentence long paragraph. 

Making small chunks of paragraph increase user readability. breaking up your content into small paragraphs helps your reader to understand it easily. Use different formatting options, such as add bullet points, highlight key points, change your font, also making your content mobile-friendly helps to create SEO-friendly content.

Use internal links

An internal link is a hyperlink from one page to another page on the same domain. In other words, they are simple text hyperlinks from one page to another page on your website. one of the examples is your website navigation. internal links are used to building site architecture and spreading link equity for SEO-friendly content.


The user and the crawler both reach your website through a link(hyperlink) so it is important to make internal links SEO-friendly.

A crawler (A crawler is a program used by search engines to collect data from the internet) crawls your site through internal links and if your site contains broken links then the crawler may not reach all the pages on your site and it is a negative point for you.

For SEO-friendly content, it is good to use “Flat” site architecture. It is good practice to provide internal links to your important page.

It also helps the crawler to reach important content in your site and if the crawler finds it fresh and unique then there is a high chance to get indexed and ranking high in SERP.

Use External links for reference of some topic

External links are the hyperlink from a page on one website to another. If someone links to your site, then you have external links from them. If you link to another website, then they have external links from you.

For SEO-friendly content, external links are votes from other websites. In external links try to incorporate keywords related to your content. external links tell the search engine crawler that “this content is relevant and reliable “.

In the external link try to use only the high authority domain reference.

Try to increase The number of root domains that link to the target page. external links help to derive traffic to your website. A high and strong authority domain external link helps to rank up in SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

Write some faqs / Create SEO friendly FAQs

Surely writing some fAQs is good for SEO-friendly content, it’s always good not to leave your customer with a question. Answering customers’ questions help to build trust and relationships between a customer and your business.


First, try to get a list of the most common questions users have. one can get questions from an internal team member, Audience Research, People Also Ask (PAA) Results, etc. After that next step is to give thoroughgoing, brief answers to that query.

The next thing you can consider for SEO-friendly content is to design a FAQ page with great UI/UX. every time it is not necessary to answer in text format only. one can use Images, videos, other formats to answer the query of the customer.

Knowledge – Lifeblood for SEO friendly content

Before working in any field the priority is to have a good amount of knowledge in a particular domain. without proper knowledge in any domain and working in it may lead to many problems.

If you don’t have knowledge about your own business then how you are going to provide information to your customer related to your business. implementing SEO on your knowledge base offers a chance to reach more customers than ever before.

Incorporate video or infographic for SEO friendly content

No one likes to see the plain text content, it makes the reader boring, and as a result, the reader loses interest in the content sometimes.

So it’s a good idea to add videos and an infographic to your content to make it attractive and interesting and also used for making SEO-friendly content.


The use of video helps in brand awareness and promoting our business, video can easily explain the concept, product, and services to the customer and it’s easy to remember. 

Videos do not get indexed by the search engines, now the question arises then why should we use videos if it not get indexed by search engines, the answer is Use of keywords in the video title, descriptions, and tags help to contribute an additional SEO lift.

Infographics are a wonderful way to describe information, statistics, and knowledge in a quick easy to read visual format. infographics creatively represent your idea to readers and it instantly catches your eye toward itself.

Plagiarism – authenticity check for SEO friendly content

One should always check-up from time to time if there is no duplicate content in their content. it is also helpful to check whether no one else has copied your content.

There are several tools available in the market which can help you to identify whether your content is unique or not, following are some of the tools : 

  1. Grammarly
  2. Copyscape
  3. Duplichecker
  4. Plagramme
  5. Unicheck
  6. WhiteSmoke
  7. Plagscan

SEO friendly content need to be Reader friendly

Read your content as many times as possible and try to remove unnecessary sentences, try to correct unclear phrases, fix the spelling mistakes, etc. reading from the phone is a bit hard as it has a small screen so always try to make your content mobile-friendly which leads to SEO friendly content.

While writing content always use simple language, don’t use the complex font style, use bullet and number list, use small paragraphs which increases user readability. Try to incorporate images, videos, the infographic in your content.

Your content page must need to be responsive (Mobile friendly)

Nowadays, mobile-friendly content it’s a very important aspect of SEO friendly content. There are some points you should focus on.

You should focus on improving the loading speed of your website pages because no one likes to wait for your website page to load in 2-3 minutes.

The second important thing is you should make your site design responsive which helps in enhancing the user experience. you can focus on optimizing the title tag and meta description with relevant keywords. use good color coordination, simple font style(not too complex), etc helps the user to read your content without any disturbance.

Thanks for reading the entire article, if you have questions or queries related to how to write seo friendly content for your business website then feel free to ask in the comment section below, happy to help you.

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